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Written on Friday, November 17, 2017
Pros: doesn’t get smudged, dries out quickly, highly pigmented, isn’t tacky, saturated color
Cons: small size

Hey there!

My review is dedicated to the NYX FULL THROTTLE Lipstick in the shade Trickster.

This year I couldn’t resist the matte lips trend and eventually bought a matte lipstick for myself. It was just curiosity that made me buy this color and nothing more.

In general I think that a matte lippie is a clear-cut product: you either like it or you don’t. Nothing else.

I opted for the orchid shade which I guess advantageously flatters my olive skin undertone. In the past I used to think that such colors are created only for freaks or those crazy young people and absolutely didn’t pay attention to them. But later I started to look at these colors more and more. At first I bought one for a photoshoot and then one more for daily wear. Smile

So, let’s pass over to the review:

The product promises long wearing result, matte finish and waterproof formula. Well, so many promises Smile And what do we actually get in reality?

The lippie is matte, that’s true and what's more is that it is waterproof!

ATTENTION: If the manufacturer promises us waterproof formula, it is usually true. Some mascaras and eyeliners can easily get through water in the pool or raining. BUT if a waterproof lippie fades after a meal that doesn’t mean that the manufacturer lied to you. The lippie is still waterproof but it has nothing to do with eating or anything else. Usually if you don’t eat any greasy food your lipstick will stay. Think about it: oils dissolve makeup, even waterproof makeup. And if you drink or eat oily, greasy or fatty products, then of course any lippie will come off.


Well, I guess that’s enough of the lyrical digressions and let’s move onto the review.

As for the staying power of this product, I can state the following - the lippie stays on for a very long time. If I don’t eat fatty foods, it’ll easily stay put for the entire day. (I keep drinking during this day, for a reference) If I have a meal then a quick touch up is needed but not because the product has faded but because I think it’ll look neater if I reapply it.

Application. For being matte the product applies beautifully and well. But of course as any other matte lipstick it feels little dry while application. Unless I take a macro photo I don’t see any patches or fading in color. So, I failed to take a beautiful macro, as the first picture showed me patchy color there, I touched up and took another shot. Then the patch was in the other place. I did touch up again but then the layer was too big and, yes, I failed all the macro shots.

But, there’s nobody outside coming with a macro camera taking pictures of your lips all the time. And since the patches are visible only on the macro shoots, they aren’t an issue for me at all.

Well, the next thing I want to draw your attention to is the packaging. The lippie is housed in a beautiful black glossy tube. The top cap is the same color as the lipstick inside.

And everything seems to be so good about the product unless you understand that there are 2.4g of the lippie all in all! I like wearing lipsticks every day but using this lippie means that I’ll have to repurchase three times a month!

I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and I’ve almost used a half of the stick. Thank God there’s no need to touch up every hour. Or else it’ll last me only a week.

Well, a rather confusing product. I like the color very much. I like the way my lips look with it. But the product is so uneconomical that I know I’ll have to repurchase soon. But the price is wallet friendly, so I think that I'll buy some other colors as well.

Price: $5

Size: 2.4g

Usage time: 2 weeks

Thank you for reading my review:) Be always beautiful =*

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Collady recommends NYX Full Throttle Lipstick

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