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Written on Friday, June 22, 2018
Pros: a little bit goes a long way, affordable price, compact and convenient package, it doesn’t crease, lightweight and non-sticky texture, this base consists of advantages only, wear time

The problem of oily eyelids and shitty wear time of eyeshadows on my eyes is a main issue for me.

I’ve tried a lot of products but there wasn’t anything that could really help me out. And that was okay if the product just didn’t work, but it was a disaster when it made the situation worse.

Then, I finally decided to try this eyeshadow base. There were a lot of positive reviews of it on the net and its price was rather budget-friendly.

The base has a nude color and it looks like a skin tone corrector, but after blending it looks transparent. After the blending I can feel that its texture is greasy, which really scared me at first. I was wondering how that was possible that a base would be able to hold up the eyeshadows if it has greasy consistency, plus I have oily eyelids.

The very first day I applied it, I came up to my mirror and looked at my eyelids, checking whether they were creased. And I could see that they weren’t. At first I used to wear the INGLOT eyeshadows which creased on my old eyeshadow base within a few hours and then I had to reapply them. But with this NYX base, they stayed on very well.

The second day I applied my MAC eyeshadows which showed even worse staying power over my old eyeshadow base. And with this NYX product, I was wearing them for the entire day.

So, now, there isn’t any need for me to carry my eyeshadows around with me, as I don’t touch-up during the day at all.

I haven’t noticed any color popping-up or appearing them brighter, but it’s okay for me, because I don’t wear bright eye makeup and prefer blending the colors thoroughly.

As for the applicator, I use it the following way. I apply a few dots of the formula with the applicator over my skin and then I blend it out. This way seems to be the best for me, as, in my opinion, it’ll be absolutely impossible to blend out the formula with this applicator.

This eyeshadow base by NYX is absolutely my favorite out of all the eyeshadow primers that I’ve ever tried. And I deem that I’ll stop looking for a better product.

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MMro recommends NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

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