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Written on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hi everyone Smile

I’ve been using this palette for quite a while now, but I’ve decided to write a review about it only today.

The shades.


There are some wearable shades for everyday use:

And the shades for experiments:

Now let’s talk about each refill in particular!



  • Champagne Truffle

It’s a cold pale-pink hue with a satin finish.

The texture is silky smooth and soft. It picks up with a brush effortlessly and has a nice payoff.

There are no huge glistening particles.

  • Cherry Cordial

It’s a dark red tone with a drier texture. In general, the shade looks matte with some fine glistening speckles. It does not look smooth and even, so it’s better to apply the shade to a creamy base.

  • Haute Chocolate

  • Creme Brulee

  • Hazelnut

These 3 refills are quite similar, when it comes to the texture. They are warm, very soft and satin. They apply to any base easily. Here are the swatches without a base:

The lower row
The lower row


  • Amoretto

This is a satin dark-red shade. It’s soft and applies to any eyeshadow base without fuss.

  • Candied Violet

It’s a complicated blue-violet shimmer shade with pink speckles. The texture is soft and has a good deal of glistening particles.

Although this eyeshadow is also very soft, it doesn’t apply perfectly. You have to apply it to a creamy base or use a damp brush to get a deeper payoff that ensures quite a WOW effect.

  • Strawberry Bon Bon

It’s a totally matte cold pink. Well, I haven’t used it yet.

  • Semi-Sweet

It’s a warm matte brown that looks amazing in my crease. Also, it blends out like a dream.

  • Marzipan

It’s a satin peach that is very soft. I guess, you see now, that it’s my favorite shade out there. It looks really beautiful used as the main color for my whole movable eyelid.

  • Salted Caramel

It’s a matte brick-red that looks startlingly well on my whole movable eyelid, especially combined with Cherry Cordial.


  • Gilded Ganache

It’s something in between the shimmer and satin shade.

It’s a dark-green shade that looks well applied to a creamy base or with a damp brush.

  • White Chocolate

  • Milk Chocolate

These are mattes with a nice and smooth texture. They apply and blend out with ease.

  • Black Forest Truffle

It’s dark-purple shimmer that has the nicest texture out there. It’s dry and has some speckles to it.

It looks amazing only on a creamy base or applied with a damp brush.

  • Triple Fudge

It’s a dark-green-brown matte hue, which is kind of a substitute of black in this palette.

Overall thoughts:

All satins are very soft and so cool. They apply to any base easily and glide over it smoothly. All mattes blend out really well and have a nice texture.

The shimmers look well only with a creamy-gel base or applied with a damp brush.

I’d like to show you some swatches with the Inglot beige gel eyeliner:

The colors look incredible, especially when it comes to satins and shimmers:

The mattes are not that perfect on a gel base. They stick to the base and apply a little patchy, but if you are careful when applying, the results are great.

Now let’s talk more specifically about the application.

What base to use?

1. Eyeshadow base

In this case, the eyeshadow blends out the best, especially when I use my favorite NARS powder on top of it. As a result, nothing ever creases.

If your eyeshadow creases without an eyeshadow base, it’s totally OK. It’s not the eyeshadow’s fault!

2. Creamy eyeshadow

It this case, the color is very deep and bright.

My favorite here is the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint Eyeshadow.

Low-cost options: Maybelline Color Tattoo.

3. Gel eyeliner

For example, beige or brown Inglot eyeliner.

The effect is the same as with the creamy eyeshadow.

4. With a damp brush

I sprinkle the brush with a setting spray or with water. At the moment I have a sample from Make Up For Ever.

Some shades apply incredibly well in such a way and the effect is stunning.

I would recommend the NARS base or creamy Make Up For Ever eyeshadow when you have oily eyelids or hooded eyes. The product will survive everything then.

If your skin is normal or dry, then everything I’ve mentioned before will do for you, or you can even try wearing this eyeshadow without any base.


Does a layman need it?

I believe, yes!

As a rule, the beauties that are new to makeup are at a loss when it comes to such a huge variety of shades, brands, textures, etc. This palette has everything in a single unit. There are at least 8 tones you are going to use constantly.

You can create both daily and evening makeups with this palette, which means that you won’t have to buy any extra palettes. After you get the hang of it, you can experiment with various bases and application methods.



The palette smells like cacao powder, but not very potently. However, if you are not much into smells in makeup, it’s something to consider.



Here is a classy look:




Final Verdict:

This is a really good eyeshadow palette with plenty of trendy shades. The eyeshadow is high quality and so nice to use.

Thank you for your attention!

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