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Written on Saturday, June 9, 2018
Pros: a little goes a long way, big size, mild cleanser, no taut skin feeling, soft and pleasant
Cons: lathers badly

Recently I stopped using cotton rounds in my skin care game and started to use facial cleansers. But how is it possible to find a good facial cleanser which won’t make my skin feel dry and taut but make my skin completely clean at the same time?


And I have to tell you that CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild does its job pretty nicely. This is already the second bottle of mine. Why do I love it so much?

  • The bottle itself, as well as all the products by Clinique brand, really stands out because of the quality they offer and their design that is always pleasant to look at.

The bottle is rather big, which sometimes can be an issue when I store it on shattering shelves. However, it’s made of a thick plastic and if falling down, it has never been damaged or anything. Smile

I really like the pump dispenser here. Depending on my needs, I use from 1 to 3 pump presses to cleanse my face.

  • The product is soft and gentle to my skin. It doesn’t have any perfume agent to it at all (which is such a great bonus for highly allergic people and those who have sensitive noses).

The product is super easy to apply over my skin but be careful and keep in mind that it doesn’t want to lather at all. At the same time I can see that it washes my skin very well, washing off my mascara and foundation beautifully. I apply the product over my wet skin for a few seconds and then massage it into my skin gently. After that I wash it off with water.

The product has a rather huge spending because of this feature (bad lathering). I always struggle the desire to use more than needed. I know that this desire is just psychological, yet still it does exist. Smile

The product is also very easy to wash off from my skin. It doesn’t bring any tightening or drying skin sensations.


The soap is placed in a semi transparent bottle which is super handy because I can control how much of the product is left inside:



Since the CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild has a creamy consistency, it isn’t lightweight for my skin at all. Sometimes I want it to have a lighter texture, especially in summer. And even though there are some flaws about this product, it’s still one of the best for my dry, tightened and tired skin, which is even more irritated during spring and winter.

After trying out a pile of facial cleansers (and I have to admit that I’m always on a lookout, it’s just a part of my life), I still always come back to this CLINIQUE Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild which is just perfect for me.


As for summer, I don’t use this product when it’s hot and come back to my other go-to summer cleanser, which is the by the Biore brand.

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MilaSparrow recommends Clinique Liquid Extra Mild Very Dry/To Dry Facial Soap

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Type: Facial Soap
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