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Written on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My dear readers!

For more than 10 years I’ve been using the Avene products. And I want to tell you about my impressions of the thermal water. It’s popular, known and favorite, or not. Who will it suit? And who should toss this product.

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray 300ml

Metallic spray bottle of 50/150/300 ml

The spray is good, tiny and it doesn’t get into my eyes.

Color - transparent. Taste - no taste (I tasted it and it isn’t salty)


Eau thermale d'Avène

Low mineral content: Does not dry out the skin

Ideal calcium/magnesium ratio: Helps to improve skin texture

Rich in silicates: Softens skin

Rich in trace elements: Restores the epidermal barrier

Neutral pH: 7.5


My skin is combination, and it’s sometimes oily, sometimes dry. I don’t like to use any tonics. I’ve tried a lot of high end tonics, as well as organic ones, I didn’t like them at all! My skin was shiny and like suffocated, or it also happened that it was covered with pimples. I use this product after cleansing my face, as well as before moisture.

How I use it:

1.As a tonic/toner. I spray it over my face and here I follow one of these steps:

-1) within 15-20 mins I blot my face with a towel or cotton pad, taking off the excess water

-2) apply my cream or serum on wet skin and massage in a bit

2. During the day I spritz my face and if I don’t wear any make-up, I blot it with a tissue

3. To make and spray my clay masks. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow me to use this water to fully dissolve my clay masks, but I spritz my face before and after. And also while wearing this mask, not to let it dry. I hope that you all know that your mask shouldn’t get dried on your face.

4. Together with alginates. I spritz a bit into the water I make my mask with, and also on my face before and after application. I also wipe the mask off with the cotton pad soaked with this thermal water.


You mustn’t use this product in summer straight before going out. Why? Even if all the tiny drops got dried, there are still micro pieces of salt on your face remaining and they will transmit light and work as a tiny lenses and cause burns, dryness and irritation.

Leave it to dry on your face in any weather. PHOTO-TEST on the mirror. I sprayed a bit of water on the mirror and let it dry. Can you see this salt stain? Can you imagine what may happen with your skin? It was really difficult to wash the stain off, by the way.

3. Use it on board of a plane. And this is not because they won’t let you in with this bottle, no. In all women’s magazines, they advise us to spray our faces with thermal water from time to time. But, since the air is very dry on board, the spray won’t work. It’ll be much better to use a nourishing cream or cloth masks before, during and after the flight.

This water dries out my skin a bit. For me, it’s an advantage, as all my acne heals better then, and also my face doesn’t look shiny. But if your skin is dry, I wouldn’t recommend using this water. Only together with nourishing cream or serums maybe.

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do. Considering everything that’s been said above. I’ll keep buying it for myself, as it suits me perfectly well.

Price: Net. Wt. 1.76 oz. 50 ml - $9

Net. Wt. 5.29 oz. 150 ml - $14

Net. Wt. 10.58 oz. 300 ml - $18.5

Thanks for spending these minutes with me! And never forget that your skin requires moisture not only from the outside, but also from the inside. So drink a lot of clean and fresh water. Smile

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Briony recommends Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

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