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Written on Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Pros: a little goes a long way, bright packaging, fragrance-free
Cons: oily film, pricey, the promises that don’t live up to the result, tingles my under eye skin very much, useless product

Hi! Today I’m sharing my thought on the Pep-Start Eye Cream by Clinique.

Being a huge YouTube and beauty blogs fan, one day I came to the conclusion that I essentially need to buy an eye cream. I’m in my 20-s and I don’t have wrinkles yet (thank Heaven) so I just needed a lightweight moisturising eye cream to apply before my concealer which I use everyday.

I love and respect the Clinique brand which is why I decided to pick up an eye cream by this brand. The Pep-start collection caught my eyes because of its bright and cute design. Smile


Well, that’s cool, unusual and eye catching Smile I like bright packagings as they always stand out of the black-white-gray-the-same-looking care products. The tube is infused with a round applicator which you need to pop up and down before and after use.

At the store the “pop” applicator seemed to be a good idea.

And only later I understood how non-hygenic the packaging is!

If you don’t wipe off and sanitize the applicator each time after use, then a lot of the product stays on it as well as germs (those who tried this product will understand what I’m talking about). I’m very fussy about germs!

I didn’t like the fact when I almost used up the product there was still some stuff left in the edges but I couldn’t manage to get it out either.


The product comes out with small portions.

It’s fragrance-free as many other products by Clinique. Consistency-wise it’s light and pleasant to use.


And now the most interesting! I won’t attach the before & after shoots as there’s NO difference in my under eye skin appearance at all.

The product promises us instant moisture within 3 seconds, wide awake and refreshed look etc. But I didn’t get anything from it. I was using this product in summer when I don’t wear concealer. And I can’t say that I looked wide awake or refreshed. I’ve never received the promised hydration, brightening and perking up effects. Smile

The next thing I didn’t like about the product is that it looks greasy on my skin after application. It feels like an oily film which is a huge disadvantage as I see no point walking out with my under eye skin looking greasy and oily.

And the most unpleasant thing about this under eye cream is that after a few uses I noticed that it tingles my eyes so much that my eyes are felt like on fire.

It doesn’t happen each time after use and I don’t know what it depends on.

Of course it might be my individual reaction but I read the same in some beauty blogs.

When I spread the product with my finger the fire stops and thank God I’ve never had reddening or allergy reaction on my eyes. Smile

The moisture properties aren’t bad. And to the advantages I can also list that the product goes a long way. I’ve been using it for a year approximately.


I won’t recommend The Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream, as for $26.50 you can find some better-working product Smile

Thanks for reading my review!

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ILikeIt doesn't recommend Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

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Type: Eye Cream
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